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BD 0195 - The Saviour’s love .... Spiritual vision ....

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BD 0195 - The Saviour’s love .... Spiritual vision ....

Mesaj Scris de OpHaNiM la data de 17/7/2014, 05:56

Your striving is blessed by the Lord, and you shall hear His Word .... Within a few short hours the most precious things on earth can be taken away from you .... yet the Lord's love remains with you forever, and to strive for this is worth many sacrifices, My child .... Your wish to refresh yourself at this eternal spring will be granted to you every day, just let your thoughts be with Him alone, then you will live a life on earth which is pleasing to Him .... Every day of your life shall be a constant prayer for the heavenly Father's love and your path on earth will be an easy one and, as a part of God Himself, you will return to Him when your time has come. The Lord speaks to you because of His greater than great love and what He gives to you in this love will lead you back to God again if you accept it with your heart .... Many threads will unravel themselves and the Lord will soon provide you with a clear idea of the creative process and activity in the spiritual world. You are being granted the opportunity to learn to behold the eternal kingdom with spiritual eyes. In order to be active there you must have achieved a high spiritual level on earth so that, when you enter the beyond, you will be able to integrate with the host of the diligently working spiritual beings. They all work according to God's wise counsel, and the labour of love they provide for less perfect spiritual beings already grants them a state of impossible to describe bliss .... Moreover, they are able to see and to feel as beings of light .... which is not comprehensible to you as yet .... so that, in union with the Saviour, they are able to stay in this abundance of light which gives them a feeling of immeasurable happiness. Only the love of the Lord Jesus will be able to guide you there, and through love for Him you will become His Own in eternity.

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