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BD 0206 - Emissaries .... Prayer .... Admonition ....

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BD 0206 - Emissaries .... Prayer .... Admonition ....

Mesaj Scris de OpHaNiM la data de 17/7/2014, 22:54

Great things are planned by the Lord and your thoughts shall be guided in the right direction, for only by constantly informing those who are willing to hear God's lessons, are we expressing God's will .... The Lord lets His messengers travel through the earthly valley working diligently .... wherever an earthly child can be found, whose love for the Lord makes it receptive for His teachings, it may take pleasure in God's grace and be already allowed to serve Him on earth in a labour of love for uninformed and erring fellow siblings. During this time of adversity, in which many a soul lives on earth, the Lord brings so much help through His servants, so that everyone in serious need of help can take hold of the Saviour's redeeming hand. His pleading prayer penetrates through to the Father and .... with a just little confidence that your prayer will be answered .... many helpful beings will guide you so that you will escape your soul's adversity .... so that you will become free from evil influences and without reservation accept what the Father prepares for you and sends to you through His messengers. Any person's serious prayers will be granted because the Father loves His children. Dear child, listen to what we want to say to you: Consider that everyone is intended to pursue his goal on earth in divine unity .... to become as one again with the Father, Who gave him life on earth in order to advance his spiritual development .... The Lord in His love informs you to look upon this goal, this striving, as the most important thing in life; not one of you should carelessly ignore that he must justify himself one day if he has not used his life correctly for eternity. How bitterly he will have to regret it one day, and how far more difficult will his striving for perfection be in the beyond when he, entirely dependent on the loving activity of higher spiritual beings, must lift himself up through tireless work of improving himself .... When, in fact, you may draw grace upon grace on earth which is granted to you by the Saviour in abundance if only you appeal for it .... why don't you want to make an effort to partake of this grace? .... Therefore, accept all the teachings the Lord sends to you .... become strong in faith, live in love and pray .... pray all the time, then you will, richly blessed, fulfil your purpose in earthly life and make use of this life for eternity ....


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