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BD 0207 - Evil forces .... Earthly possessions .... Treasures for the beyond ....

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BD 0207 - Evil forces .... Earthly possessions .... Treasures for the beyond ....

Mesaj Scris de OpHaNiM la data de 17/7/2014, 23:05

Behold, we all hear your supplications which give us great hope that we will be able to work in agreement with the Highest Being. You are constantly approached by forces intending to cause your downfall and trying to divert your path .... all thoughts affecting you unpleasantly are whisperings of these forces which you must always only counteract with prayer. Spiritual obstacles are being placed in your way to prevent you from making contact with the above, but remember .... time and again you will receive help from our side in order to help you advance on this path. We experience the battle of these forces in eternity .... it is an unremitting struggle against them, yet anyone who is protected by God will emerge victoriously from all dangers. And now we comply with your desire: The most impoverished person on earth is able to wrestle upwards towards God .... since realisation will often come to him through his suffering on earth far easier than to someone in possession of material wealth. You all harbour the desire for earthly goods .... each person regards them as the fulfilment of his wishes .... the goal of his endeavour on earth is to acquire possessions .... and yet, it is so foolish! You cannot make any use of these in eternity, everything stays behind and only the spiritual possessions you acquired will be regarded by the Lord. And woe to you if you leave your life on earth in spiritual poverty! .... You will have to struggle for a very long time in the beyond in order to climb higher step by step, your struggle will be the most laborious work .... And woe to you if you had not gathered treasures for yourselves in earthly life through works of love, which result in the grace of receiving love again, giving you the strength to work at improving yourselves. Here, in earthly life, you often lack realisation .... yet you are offered extensive means to acquire it and for richly blessed activity on earth. But on the other side in the beyond you will lack these .... since you have come to the realisation there .... and you will have to struggle far harder in the beyond. Never rely on later on .... life on earth is only short and to enter the gate of death unprepared is bitter for every person .... During every hour of adversity the Saviour knocks at your door in order that you may grant Him admission .... don't let this voice pass you by unhed .... always remember that every day could be your last one .... and to live in a way that this thought cannot scare you is what the Lord and Saviour time and again proclaims to you through His emissaries. Therefore listen to your heart and remain in God's grace.

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