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BD 0220 - Pray with trust in the Lord .... Spiritual protection ....

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BD 0220 - Pray with trust in the Lord .... Spiritual protection ....

Mesaj Scris de OpHaNiM la data de 18/7/2014, 00:51

Pray to the Father in every adversity and, when He helps you, recognise His love. You all need to suffer, so that you send your thoughts to the Father and entrust yourselves to His kindness .... The Father will not abandon His Own and, providing you make an effort to acknowledge His will, you will regard Him as the Father and will be safe and secure in His Fatherly love. Don't forget that your attitude towards God prepares you on earth for eternity .... If you are in heartfelt contact with Him, you will constantly experience His grace .... if, however, you renounce the Father, you will forfeit your childship to God and live your life on earth without His blessing. Let the Lord look after you and trust in Him. Inwardly you must certainly be strong and never doubt His love and goodness, after all, what would you be without these? .... First you must endeavour to have complete trust, then you will receive help in every adversity .... however, someone with timid trust in the Lord and His power .... will just as timidly appeal for help, and how can it then be granted to him? .... Therefore turn to the heavenly Father with strong faith and blind trust if you want your prayer to be granted, for the Father loves His Own and will help them in their adversity. And rest assured that He will let no child pray in vain which imploringly raises its hands to Him .... Thus, appeal to the Father with full confidence and don't worry .... Countless words will give evidence of the fact that the Father's love gives to His children what their heart desires. His angels are watching over you and lift you up when you are in danger of wavering. Entrust yourself to their protection, so that you will be guided on your earthly path until you enter eternal peace.

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