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BD 0225 - God's means to gain realisation .... (Continuation of nos. 0223 and 0224)

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BD 0225 - God's means to gain realisation .... (Continuation of nos. 0223 and 0224)

Mesaj Scris de OpHaNiM la data de 18/7/2014, 04:48

So continue: The Lord will always inform you of His will by allowing you to gain insights into the activity beyond this earth .... into His beings' activity in the universe. If He grants you the connection from this world with the beyond then it is an act of grace which purely arises from the intention to inform the earthly children of His love and to admonish them to seek the Father as a child of God in order to focus on their purpose. None of you question where your activity is leading you .... You just use every day for accomplishing your earthly work. You do not want to know what kind of value or worthlessness it entails and remain indifferent to the true purpose of earthly life .... Behold, the Lord must draw your attention to your mistake .... if He does not want you to descend further .... and so He uses the means at his disposal, as necessary. With some, a gentle suggestion is already enough .... a knock at the door of his heart .... yet others refuse to wake up .... the spiritual night surrounding them prevents them from turning towards the rays of light .... they do not desire illumination .... they believe they will just as certainly find their path in their spiritual darkness .... yes, they certainly take this path, but where is it leading to? Oh, let yourselves be warned before it is too late! And beseech the Lord in prayer for help, then you will find it easy and the hour of realisation will be near.

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