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BD 0251 - The souls' adversity on earth .... Help by means of this connection ....

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BD 0251 - The souls' adversity on earth .... Help by means of this connection ....

Mesaj Scris de OpHaNiM la data de 20/7/2014, 05:34

Now listen, my dear child, the Father of all salvation is promising you eternal life if you persevere for your and other people's sake. For a time of unspeakable adversity has come upon all of you .... countless spiritually deluded and wrongly thinking are waging battle with the darkness .... God the Lord has once again embodied Himself on earth in the spirit of those who are willing to serve Him in order to come to help these fighters .... to support them in their adversity of soul and to point the right path out to them. For the time of grace granted to humanity will soon be over. When the Lord of spirits instructs these spirits to speak to people on earth .... to make contact with Earth, then this visible activity of Heaven is an inexpressible grace for the human children, which all of you should truly recognise .... Yet the magnitude of adversity on earth motivates the Father Who, in His love, does not want to abandon any being. Work at improving your souls .... lift your thoughts up to the Lord and all of you will receive blessings a thousand times over, now and evermore.

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