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BD 0579 - Diversity of earthly existence .... You would pray for suffering ....

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BD 0579 - Diversity of earthly existence .... You would pray for suffering ....

Mesaj Scris de OpHaNiM la data de 20/7/2014, 06:06

You see, My child, in the world of your parents you accepted a destiny that allowed you to mature considerably and your earthly life was rich in experiences which stimulated your thinking, and the way to ascend could be revealed to you more easily. Although people's circumstances of life are often even more difficult and with far greater poverty and aguish but then their souls are even less mature and can only purify themselves in such hard conditions; and thus people's burdens are as different as are their results. Before its incarnation as a human being each soul longs to utilise its embodiment as quickly and as successfully as possible and therefore inhabits a body which has a predetermined difficult fate. On the other hand, many souls must go the path of purification which requires other circumstances of life .... which leads to their goal sooner through an easier and more pleasant existence but where other dangers have to be fought which the soul has to overcome.
This is arranged by the Heavenly Father in His wisdom even if people on earth can't yet understand it and often become indignant about the uneven distribution of earthly wealth. But He Who knows all, Who understands every deficiency of the soul and would like to see the same perfection in everything also knows to offer the right help and only places upon each human being what is necessary for the benefit of his soul. Every day is a step closer to happiness .... so take care that you climb one step after another .... and not step back ....
You will eternally thank Me, your Creator, for every sorrow that I have put upon you and will praise the wisdom of Him Who created you and Who wants you to be near to Him forever .... You should always know that the Father does not want to lose even one of His children and that He cares for every being. And this care often necessitates methods which seem hard to you, since you cannot imagine the magnitude of the calamity that threatens you .... if you could fully understand you would pray for suffering only to avoid this adversity, but you must live your life without knowledge of your situation and strive to ascend of your own free will and in order to achieve the highest reward ....

Fără Dumnezeu nu există scop, valoare sau sens în lume.

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